The Jason Orchard 2 Week Transformation

Get fit, lose weight, look great and feel fantastic  with the EXCLUSIVE Jason Orchard 2 Week Transformation.

The big sister to my 6 Day Body Makeover plan, this ultimate weight-loss, fitness-boosting challenge has produced some outstanding results — with past clients losing over a stone in just 14 days!

The Jason Orchard 2 Week Transformation will…

  • Allow you to exercise RIGHT & eat MORE
  • Programme your metabolism for FAT LOSS
  • See you LOSE up to a stone – or more –  in just 14 days
  • Provide you with delicious meal plans  & RECIPES
  • Offer daily motivational pushes via Facebook & Twitter
  • Record your weight, body fat & measurements before and after — so you can really SEE THE RESULTS

As a health and fitness expert with over 10 years‘ experience in the industry, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals lose weight, boost their fitness and gain boundless confidence — and the 2 Week Transformation programme will provide you with all the essential tools and motivation to set you on a healthier, fitter more confident path.

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