Group Personal Training

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Many experiences are far more enjoyable when shared with others — and group personal training is no exception.

My ladies only group personal training classes combine all the benefits of a personal trainer with the support, motivation, and enhanced wellbeing of training as part of a small group — and at a fraction of the cost of a regular one-to-one session.

Suitable for ALL fitness levels, these specially tailored sessions will provide you with…

  • An exclusive workout plan with an experienced personal trainer
  • Motivation, guidance & support to reach your unique fitness goals
  • Expert diet & nutrition advice
  • A full fitness assessment (including weight, measurements and body fat readings) so you can monitor your progress & SEE the fantastic results

This dedicated fitness programme will allow you and the other members to clearly monitor your progress against each other to ensure you are all on target, motivated and on track to reaching your individual fitness goals.

What’s more — the outstanding results of these hugely effective, yet super affordable sessions don’t stop at just weight-loss, inch-loss and increased fitness levels — they will also lead to a happier, healthier and more confident you.

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