Ladies Only Box4Fitness Bootcamp

Achieve the ultimate body and get the health, fitness and confidence you’ve always wanted with my ladies only Box4Fitness Bootcamp!

If you’re looking for a weight-loss programme that’s both challenging and fun then my Box4Fitness Bootcamp is the answer.

Widely considered to be the best all-round body workout, boxing  provides the ultimate way to improve fitness, tone muscle and lose weight — and my ever-changing programme of exercises is guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

Each session lasts 60 minutes; and the combination of a conditioning workout (using boxing pads, bags, light weights and body weight exercises) with cardio exercises (such as press ups, squats and sit ups) followed by flexibility stretches, will not only stimulate the mind and allow you to achieve fantastic physical results, but will also teach you some invaluable self-defense skills.

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