Private Sessions

Dedicated One on One or Group Sessions

Private personal training sessions are a way of complementing your kickboxing or Boxing training. They allow you to build up your fitness more quickly and can help build confidence in a way that may be difficult for some people in larger classes. Our private sessions are carried out by our resident expert founder of WKMKA Jason Orchard.

Why choose Private Sessions?

Many of our class members opt to have additional private sessions to complement their group training. It gives you a chance to focus closely on your personal strengths and weaknesses and build up your repertoire or techniques.

Committing to private sessions is evidence of dedication and a true desire to master the techniques developed in group classes. Whether your goal is to perfect your technique or get fit more quickly, then private sessions can help. Private sessions give you an opportunity to focus solely on your aims rather than those of the larger group and you can work out a personalised plan for your class attendance as well as individual sessions.

You can opt solely for private sessions or combine sessions and classes, dependent on your personal needs. Some people are confident to combine whilst others want to build up their skills before getting involved in group classes – this is a choice entirely up to you.

Benefits of Private Sessions

  • Learn directly one-on-one from our most experienced Kickboxing and Boxing instructor
  • Enjoy individualised attention allowing you to progress more quickly
  • Learn advanced techniques and tactics tailored to your personal goals
  • Get a personalised training programme designed to suit your needs.

Private Session Programmes

Each private session programme includes a range of features:-

  • Conditioning techniques to ensure your body is in the best possible form for responding under pressure and practicing the Krav Maga techniques learned
  • Psychological training to help boost your self-esteem, confidence and banish any fears about your training and goals.
  • Empowering self-defence for women


One Person Pricing

£35.00 per session

Two Person Pricing

£22.50 per session

Three-Four Person Pricing

£20.00 per session


Our prices are based upon session attendance at our centre at at Dragon Crossfit, 14-15 Curran Road, Cardiff Bay, CF10 5NE. A 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all our sessions.

Our private sessions include a maximum number of four students. Booking in advance is recommended and all requests and bookings are conducted on a first come, first serve basis.

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