One-To-One Personal Training

Forget one-off fitness flings, my one-to-one personal training programmes are the start of a journey to a healthier, fitter and more confident you!

From complete fitness-phobes to fully-fledged athletes – personal training is the perfect addition to any and every type of lifestyle.

Your initial consultation will involve a full health appraisal to discover current fitness levels through cardiovascular testing, strength and flexibility tests, and a posture and balance assessment. The results are noted and will be re-assessed every few weeks to allow you to see the progress you’re making.

Each specially tailored hour-long session blends fitness, fun, education and encouragement; and as your personal trainer, I will arm you all with the motivation and encouragement needed to achieve your personal goals and expand both your training comfort zone and confidence levels.

A typical training session blends a variety of exercises — including core work, pad work, interval and resistance training, and strength and conditioning exercises — and the number of sessions you choose to embark on per week is entirely your call.

Your unique programme will be tailored to suit both your individual needs and budget, and can include suggested complementary exercises to practice at your leisure.

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