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NEW! Ladies Only 
Self Defence 

Practical, no-nonsense, self-defence techniques for the ladies of Cardiff! 

Taking place on Sunday 18th May 2014 from 10am – 2pm at Dragon Crossfit in Cardiff, this specially designed workshop won’t wast time teaching the complexities of a martial art that can take years of practice before you can defend yourself properly… It will arm you with essential skills to effectively defend yourself using proven techniques that will help you overcome almost any situation!

You Will Learn…

Prevention & Avoidance ✭ Awareness & Self Confidence ✭ Fear & its Effects ✭ Adrenaline & How to Make Use of It ✭ How to Strike Effectively ✭ Awareness & Posture ✭ Psychological Defence ✭ Wrist Hold Escapes ✭ Arm Hold Escapes ✭  Choke Hold Escapes ✭ Wrist Locks ✭ Arm Locks  ✭ Choke Holds ✭ Take Down Methods

ONLY £50 per person!

Are you ready to learn some invaluable skills and start gaining some confidence? Click here to get in touch & book your place today!


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